A website is a combination of web pages grouped together and available over the internet!

Websites have a domain name and can include a variety of content such as:
  • text;
  • video;
  • images and;
  • other media to include audio.

Websites can be designed for providing information for:

  • personal;
  • company and/or industry;
  • government, and not-for-profit purposes and
  • are usually related to a specific topic or objective, such as news, education, or entertainment.

When I’m designing a new website or analysing an existing website, we put my creative hat on, and this is where we like to know as much as we can about the:

  1. Person owning the business and wanting the new or existing website developed.
  2. Business/services on offer.
  3. Customer/client expectations.

This is how we can guarantee the perfect website for your!

There are several different types of websites, and we have broken them down into four different categories:

  1. Start-up template website.
  2. Interactive and Responsive website.
  3. Bespoke / Custom-made website.
  4. E-Commerce (web shop) fully customisable website.