A website is a combination of web pages grouped together and available over the internet!

Websites have a domain name and can include a variety of content such as:
  • text;
  • video;
  • images and;
  • other media to include audio.

Websites can be designed for providing information for:

  • personal;
  • company and/or industry;
  • government, and not-for-profit purposes and
  • are usually related to a specific topic or objective, such as news, education, or entertainment.

Choosing the right website designer who understands the importance of a well-designed website, including ease of navigation, consistency of content; and overall appearance is vital.  We assist with:

  • A Domain Name or URL (https://www.yourdomainname.co.uk).
  • Web Host (Server) – somewhere to store your website (Bluehost, GoDaddy, 1and1, AnyOther).  By the way, we do not use any of these hosting providers.  We have in the past, but because of the restrictions imposed on some of these hosting accounts; I find it very difficult to work within these restrictions.  We’ve bought in the services of another hosting provider who has data centres in London and Europe.  All our websites are hosted in a London based data centre!
  • Administrative Control Software (cPanel).
  • Website Building Platform (Light CMS, Squarespace, Tumblr, Webflow, Weebly, Wix and WordPress).
  • Having some knowledge of coding HTML and be able to offer you a few design options.
  • Website Maintenance and Management.
  • Responsiveness and Mobile/Tablet-Friendly websites.

We can also perform an audit (analysis and advise) on your existing website, by completing a website audit.  We click through your existing pages and provide feedback on and provide any suggestions for improvement(s).

When I’m designing a new website or analysing an existing website, we put my creative hat on, and this is where we like to know as much as we can about the:

  1. Person owning the business and wanting the new or existing website developed.
  2. Business/services on offer.
  3. Customer/client expectations.

This is how we can guarantee the perfect website for your!

There are several different types of websites, and we have broken them down into four different categories:

  1. Start-up template website.
  2. Interactive and Responsive website.
  3. Bespoke / Custom-made website.
  4. E-Commerce (web shop) fully custimisable website.


Get help with your website content, and whilst your website is being built; why not have your Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing requirements analysed.

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