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behind the scenes at GEMS


GEMS is an acronym of our founder’s initials.

She has always had a talent for art and design and has created many logos and websites.

She has expertise in Information, Communications & Technology.

Working in many business industries since 1979.  View her full Curriculum Vitae or visit her LinkedIn profile.

Digital Lovers

We are specialised in the fields of Advanced Media Production for the Web and other formats:

We stop at nothing

We’re not happy until our clients are happy.  We will stop at nothing to make sure that we provide the best service.

We Love To Explore​

Give us an idea and we can explore the possibilities.  We can see other ways to run with your idea.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Each project has many stages.  One-by-one we guide you through those stages to ensure that you are happy before we move to the next stage.

We Keep It Simple

As you know technical jargon can be mind boggling, so we consult with you in plain english.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We get to know you – our client, your business, understand the user and the target market.

Throughout our working lives, we have believed in hard work and dedication makes us who we are today.

We put the hours in to complete your project on time and are dedicated to you – our client, your project and our commitment to you.

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IT, Management & Creative Guru

Gina McQueen

SEO & Social Media Guru

Various Freelancers


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